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Children see us differently. Because we care for them differently.

At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, kids see us as more than doctors, nurses and therapists. They see heroes, rock stars, royalty and friends. And we see them differently, too—not as patients, but as children who deserve the very best.

See us through their eyes. Click on each drawing to read their unique stories.

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Our publication focuses exclusively on kids’ health and treatments available and includes expert advice and patient stories.

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Henry Bernstein, MD, tells The Washington Post that pediatricians should bring up the vaccine with all young adults and their parents.
Henry Bernstein, DO, discusses the new regulations with FIOS1 Long Island.
Stephanie Di Figlia-Peck discusses a Weight Watcher's app aimed at weight loss for younger children and teens that is sparking debate.
Andrew Adesman, MD, talks to the Boston Globe about the rise in parenting grandparents.
Smiling pediatric patient, about 6 years old, wearing a blue hospital gown, striped socks and yellow super hero cape, while flexing his biceps and holding a red toy in his hand. He is sitting on the MRI machine and the wall behind him features a giant image of twinkling stars. A male staff member dressed in blue scrubs smiles back at him and flexes his own muscles.
Cohen Children's Medical Center
In our dedicated children’s hospital, with colorful playrooms and hallways filled with patient art, it is the children who inspire our team of experts to relentlessly pursue breakthroughs that will impact the future of pediatric health care.
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