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About us

At the Hearing and Speech Center and Hearing Aid Dispensary at Cohen Children’s, we offer a complete range of audiological and speech-language services for infants, children and adolescents. A team of professionals participates in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment for hearing, speech, voice, swallowing and language disorders. Audiologists, speech language pathologists, physicians and social workers provide expert care to both outpatients and inpatients.

Diagnostic audiology

Our audiologists use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to assess hearing and balance disorders. The Center is equipped to test people of all ages from newborn to geriatric patients. Special emphasis is placed on early identification of hearing loss in children. Pediatric specialists test newborns as well as older infants and children. For children with special needs who cannot be evaluated by a standard hearing test, we provide Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing with sedation.

Hearing Aid Dispensary

The Hearing Aid Dispensary is fully equipped for fitting, repair and adjustment of hearing aids and other amplification devices. We are also a New York State Early Intervention provider for assistive technology for children up to 3 years of age.

Speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders

Pediatric speech-language pathologists provide highly specialized services on an outpatient and inpatient basis including the pediatric ICU and NICU. Our specialists conduct comprehensive assessments and provide treatment addressing speech, cognitive-linguistic, voice, hearing and feeding/swallowing difficulties. We work closely with patients, families and members of the medical team to ensure comprehensive care. Family counseling and education is an integral part of the program. Advanced instrumentation is routinely used to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.

Cochlear Implant Program

The Apelian Cochlear Implant Center at Hearing and Speech Center provides evaluation and counseling for cochlear implant candidates. We provide comprehensive programming and rehabilitative services for children with cochlear implants.

Newborn hearing screening

The Hearing and Speech Center coordinates the screening of approximately 25,000 newborns throughout Northwell Health and provides a full range of follow-up services including counseling and early intervention assistive technology services for the identified infants.