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Young couple looking at their new born baby in an incubator with oxygen looking very concerned and partner embracing woman while nurse standing next to them
Expert care you can trust
Our dedicated staff is committed to compassionate, respectful care of our young patients and their families. We offer many special programs for the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of newborn patients.

Our approach

Specialists in the Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) work together to provide a positive, family-centered care experience. We believe families should be able to ask questions of the staff in order to feel as comfortable and empowered as possible. Our team includes:

  • Neonatologists
  • Neonatology fellows, residents and medical students
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Lactation specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Case managers
  • Social workers
  • Occupational and physical therapists
  • Child life coordinators


We take pride in being at the cutting edge of new therapies for our young patients. We have special programs for the care of neonatal patients, including:

Lung rescue

Newborns with life-threatening lung disorders require critical, specialized care and equipment. Our neonatal department provides the highest level of support in the region. Our faculty members have been leaders in the development of high-tech, advanced respiratory support for newborns with respiratory failure.

Brain rescue

We are among the most experienced regional brain rescue centers. A difficult or prolonged birth process may decrease oxygen flow to the baby’s brain. In some cases, severe oxygen deprivation can lead to brain damage. Rapid but controlled brain and body cooling is sometimes able to prevent cerebral palsy, a form of brain damage. Advanced EEG capabilities also are used.

Cardiovascular surgery

The Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery is one of the largest volume pediatric cardiac programs in the state of New York and is the largest program on Long Island. It is the primary center for pediatric cardiac surgical care at Northwell Health, one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the country. The division performs approximately 300 cardiac and thoracic procedures each year.

Pediatric surgery and surgical subspecialties

All neonatal surgical specialties are on-site, including: general surgery, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology (including retina specialists), urology and a craniofacial surgery team.

Quality management

Our NICU Quality and Patient Safety teams have significantly reduced bloodstream infections associated with central lines by promoting strict guidelines for line insertion and maintenance.  Other recent accomplishments include decreased rates of retinopathy of prematurity, unplanned extubations and antibiotic utilization, as well as increased rates of exclusive human milk feeding.  We conduct weekly unit-based safety rounds and a daily safety call to provide a venue where staff can voice their concerns and share best practices for safety. Improvement projects based on quality metrics are ongoing in the following areas:

  • Placement and management of central lines
  • Oxygen saturation within limits
  • Reductions in unplanned extubations
  • Antibiotic stewardship
  • Nutrition support guidelines
  • Prevention of lung injury
  • Prevention of skin breakdown
  • Infant-directed feeding programs

High frequency transport ventilation

Our high frequency transport ventilation system offers the best form of lung support during transport of premature infants from one facility to another. This system allows us to transport even our most challenged neonatal patients. We provide transport services to all areas, whether inside or outside of our hospital system. 

Regional Perinatal Centers
Great infant care begins with proper prenatal care for the mother. The maternal-fetal medicine and neonatal-perinatal medicine services at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and at North Shore University Hospital are designated as New York State Regional Perinatal Centers (RPCs). The RPCs support education, quality improvement and morbidity and mortality issues at Northwell hospitals dealing with newborns, as well as referral hospitals in the area.

Additional specialities include:

  • Advanced transport systems via ground and air
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) program
  • Pulmonary hypertension program
  • Intestinal rehabilitation team
  • Specialized neonatal skin and wound care
  • Center for Neonatal Nutrition


Richard J. Schanler, MD

Chief of Division of Pediatrics - Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Associate Chairman of Pediatrics - Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, North Shore University Hospital

Specialties: Neonatal / Perinatal Medicine, Pediatrics
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