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About us

Our Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Service provides advanced ground and air transport within the greater New York metropolitan area and beyond. We are specialized and trained with the latest intensive care equipment especially adapted for newborns, infants and children. We provide a central call-in center and a rapid team launch that includes physician and advanced care providers. We bring our best personnel and equipment to our community so that advanced care can be started before the child’s arrival at the treatment center.

We are fully integrated with the Northwell air and ground ambulance system, which leads to efficiencies in response time and excellence in care delivery. Our high volume service keeps us experienced in all common and rare forms of disease. We are backed up by the full spectrum of pediatric medical and surgical subspecialists to help us provide the best care immediately upon arrival at your child’s bedside.

Our team

Our team includes professional dedicated pediatric and neonatal transport nurses who transport regularly, physicians, advanced care providers, respiratory therapists and paramedics.  We often send physicians and advanced care providers (instead of a nurse or paramedic directed by phone from a physician). Our entire team receives advanced training in ground and air transport medicine. We have extensive experience in all forms of pediatric health challenges—so we are prepared to care for even the sickest patients.

Advanced technology

 We still set the standard for excellent service through state-of-the-art technology. 

  • Our Northwell Health System Center for Emergency Medical Services and the SkyHealth medical helicopter service allow for highly specialized and rapid responses.
  • Our leading-edge high frequency ventilators and inhaled nitric oxide therapies were the first in the area to treat infants and children in advanced respiratory failure.
  • Our Northwell owned ground and air ambulances are custom designed, well maintained and have an excellent response time.
  • We use advanced transport ventilators, monitors, incubators and medications to improve the health of children in the field.
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