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A female doctor wearing a white lab coat and holding a tablet has a consultation with a young boy patient and his mother.
The right expertise for your child
Every patient has unique needs. Utilizing our many pediatric gastroenterology programs and services, we create a customized care plan that's right for each child and their family.
Our programs & services

Celiac disease is a common problem of the intestinal tract. We are a leading provider of care for children with celiac disease, expertly treating over 300 patients each year.

Our pediatric gastroenterologists are members of the CARE Team, a multidisciplinary program for treating young patients with disorders of the airway and upper digestive systems.

Our suite includes state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment, allowing for complete evaluation of the upper and lower intestine, while making your child as comfortable as possible.

Cohen Children’s created the first pediatric hepatology program on Long Island to care specifically for kids with transplant and non-transplant liver disease.

When babies and children have high cholesterol, it increases their risk of experiencing heart disease and heart attacks as young adults. We're here to help lower that risk.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to children with nutritional disorders. Our goals include nutritional counseling for families, as well as diagnosis and management.

Cohen Children’s is a national leader in caring for children and young adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease; we treat a high volume of patients and have excellent outcomes.

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