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An eldery male doctor meets with a young female patient who is sitting on her mom's lap, in an exam room. The little girl is holding a teddy bear and wearing pigtails.
World-class programs and services
If your child needs otolaryngology care, you can count on us to deliver leading-edge specialized programs and services—providing the best treatment possible.
Our programs & services

When children are affected by head and neck cancers, we believe that an integrated approach to evaluation and management provides the best patient care and overall family experience.

The Apelian Cochlear Implant Center at Cohen Children’s offers comprehensive diagnostic, counseling and rehabilitation services to children with severe to profound hearing loss.

The Center for Vascular Anomalies cares for children with vascular anomalies (growths resulting from incorrect development of blood vessels), including vascular tumors and malformations.

Our pediatric gastroenterologists are members of the CARE Team, a multidisciplinary program for treating young patients with disorders of the airway and upper digestive systems.

Audiologists, speech language pathologists, physicians and social workers diagnose and treat a wide variety of hearing, speech, voice, swallowing and language disorders.

The Velopharyngeal Disorders Clinic provides a multidisciplinary approach to the complex care of children with speech disorders, including velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI).

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