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What is pediatric spine reconstruction?

Cohen Children’s, our network of pediatric services, offers patients with scoliosis a strong multidisciplinary team approach when it comes to spinal surgeries. Our top-notch pediatric spine surgeons perform highly successful scoliosis surgery. Afterward, our expert pediatric plastic surgeons move vascularized tissue over the repair to close the wounds and decrease the chance of infections and bad scarring.

In addition, our plastic surgeons work in tandem with our wound care team to treat chronic back wounds in adults. 

What to expect

Our plastic surgeons use the latest surgical techniques to achieve optimal results. The specific procedure will depend on what type of spinal surgery you are undergoing.


  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Chronic wounds
  • Need for multiple procedures and flaps
  • Need for prolonged bed rest


A patient recovering from spinal reconstruction may need drains in place for one to two weeks. They may also be given muscle relaxants.

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