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A little boy wearing a patient gown and a yellow cape sits on an MRI machine while a tech stands beside him. They both have their arms up and are flexing their muscles. They are in a space-themed hospital room.
Radiology care you and your family can trust
Our dedicated team of pediatric radiologists performs more than 50,000 pediatric radiology exams each year. We have tremendous experience in choosing the best imaging techniques to diagnose medical conditions and diseases in children.  

What we do

Not all diseases appear the same in children as in adults, and some conditions are unique to children; therefore, experience is critical in recognizing and diagnosing conditions affecting pediatric patients. Our world-class team has specialized knowledge of caring for young patients, including fetuses, preterm infants, babies, young children and adolescents.

Our pediatric radiologists also understand that children may be restless and intimidated by the medical process, and that they have developing bodies that must be protected. We take all of that into account, providing compassionate care in a supportive, family-friendly environment, while producing the best results possible. Our goal is to provide excellent radiology care, so your child can get back to living a healthy life as quickly as possible. 

What can we help you find?

We have one of the only dedicated pediatric MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) centers in the New York metropolitan region. It offers the most advanced imaging, as well as a host of kid-friendly benefits.

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Our pediatric neuroradiologists specialize in the imaging and diagnosis of conditions of the brain and central nervous system. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide highly precise images, while limiting or avoiding radiation exposure. 

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